Adonia® collection
  • “The Begonia of the future”
  • For the grower: no pinch; no PGR, very uniform
  • For the consumer: strong colors against dark leaves
  • For trade: very strong and robust plant
  • Now grow well together in 2 colors

Adonia Pink®


Adonia Light Pink®


Valentino collection
  • Fresh and modern elatior appearance
  • Distinquished new color combination
  • Nominated for Flora Holland ‘Glazen Tulp’
  • Excellent for Spring and Summer

Valentino Pink®


Valentino White®


  • Unique combination of short cultivation period, while maintaining excellent longevity
  • Lovely, full flowers
  • Suitable for year-round cultivation

Hailey Yellow®


Hailey Peach®


Hailey Soft Yellow®


Hailey Sunset®


  • 2 weeks faster than red from Barkos group
  • Combines well in culture with Rilona & Hailey serie
  • Suitable Year round growing
  • Limited available



Ceveca collection
  • Unique house plant with special flower shape
  • Vigorous plant
  • Sensitive for mildew

  • Chocolate brown leaves
  • Strong contrast between leaf and dark orange flowers
  • Easy grower performance and short croptime

Mocca Orange®