Begonia Experience Days

Discover the wide diversity in color, shape and flowers of Begonia by visiting Koppe, the begonia specialist. A range of Begonia series and novelties will be on display for you.
The Begonia Experience Days can be visited safely by appointment and with social distancing.
If you are not able to travel, we are also happy to give you a personal online tour by Zoom.

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Koppe, the Begonia specialist! Family-run since 1910

M. Koppe BV was established in 1910 with the intention of creating a thriving business with a passion for plants. Now in 2019, the company is thriving, has succeeded over the course of many generations and still has a passion for plants. Specialising in begonias was a conscious decision made so that the company could have a focus and make a distinct name for itself.

Thanks to our many years of experience, we are good at what we do and are a reliable partner with which to collaborate. With consistent and well-rooted cuttings, we provide growers with the groundwork for a top-quality product. We consider it important to invest in long-term collaborations with suppliers, growers, distributors, licensed partners and our employees. And that is the foundation of our success.


Koppe R Ilona




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