In cooperation with breeder Koppe Begonia, Pligt Professionals releases a brand new line for 10,5 cm pots, called Begonia Sweeties ®.

Begonia Sweeties distinguish themselves by a natural compact growth habit. The small leaves from a beautiful ball-shape with a sea of small double flowers on top. The consumer will enjoy them for a minimum of 4 weeks, because the plants continues to make new flowers. These Begonia Sweeties are flowering beauties for each consumer and can give color and love to each corner of your home. They are well protected in a seductive sleeve to conquer the heart of each consumer.

Begonia Sweeties are a really distinctive addition to the current Begonia assortment. They are available from now up to end of July in 5 colors : red, white, light-yellow, pink and salmon.

Pligt Professionals
Pligt Professionals characterizes itself as a dynamic family company with a history that goes back to early 1900, when vegetables were grown in the Dutch area known  as “Hoeksche Waard”. There is a no-nonsense mentality and a constant drive to develop people and the company. Quality is a prerequisite. This is shown by many long-term partnerships with leading companies in the horticultural sector.

Pligt Professionals has been known for many years as a reliable supplier of flowering Begonia in 12 and 14 cm pot (besides many other flowering plants).

Koppe Begonia
Koppe has been in 1910 as family company and has specialized itself in the last 30 years in the development of new Begonia varieties. The passion for Begonia and the drive to deliver each week again quality cuttings to growers all over the world forms the base of the company.

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