Poinsettia, watch out! One of our favorite days of the year is about to be adorned in beautiful red begonias.



Traditionally, when we think of Christmas – and especially when it comes to plants in particular – the first thing that pops up in our minds is probably the poinsettia, aka the Christmas Star. But this is about to change because red begonias have been wildly increasing in popularity during the winter season.

Celebrating Christmas With Red Begonias

Poinsettia, watch out! One of our favorite days of the year is about to be adorned in red begonias. Begonia is a genus of about 1,000 species, part of the Begoniaceae family and native to tropical and subtropical parts of the world. There is a great deal of variation among the many species, but, generally, begonias tend to be fleshy. The flowers are either male or female and they do not have true petals but colorful sepals – part of the calyx, which, in other species, encloses true petals. With its many, many flowers, seasonal availability, and gorgeous shades of red, the begonia deserves its rightful spot in our homes.

Want to celebrate this holiday season a little bit differently? Let’s dive into these beautiful red begonias from Koppe Begonia and discover your new favorites!

Begonia Barkos Series

The red begonias from the Barkos series are widely cultivated by begonia growers during the winter season because they are so hardy and last a long time in consumers’ homes. The plant might grow a little slower but is therefore much stronger. In addition, the flowers are filled with many petals, creating a beautiful full and fluffy effect.

Begonia Baladin

The largest variety in the Barkos series is the begonia Baladin. This is the most commonly grown red begonia and is therefore also the most important Christmas begonia. But other, just as pretty red begonias from this series – like the begonia Barkos and the begonia Berseba – look just as lovely on your porch or Christmas dinner table this year.

Mix Your Red Begonias With White Begonias

When it comes to Christmas, red is often complemented by white. Don’t want to spend your holidays in a sea of red? Mix in some stunning white varieties, such as the White Netja. Want to go a little less basic? Koppe Begonia’s recent introduction begonia Riley is a new and improved version that has even more petals but is compact at the same time so that fewer growth regulators are needed to cultivate this plant.

Begonia Riley

An All-Time Christmas Favorite

Growers J&P ten Have in the Netherlands and Riis Gartneri in Norway specifically grow the begonia Grace for Christmas every year. If there’s one red begonia full of cheery potential, it’s this one. The plant takes 1.5 times as long to develop as other begonias but as a result, you’ll have a very special plant in your hands. The begonia Grace is a heavy, beautifully branched plant with extremely full, fringed flowers.

Begonia Grace

Want More Begonias?

Koppe Begonia is happy to convey its passion for these plants. They are constantly looking for innovation and continue to develop new begonia varieties so consumers can enjoy them for at least two months in full bloom, both indoors and outdoors.