With so many varieties to choose from, don’t shy away from experimenting with adding begonias to your outdoor space this summer.



If you want to add a splash of color to your outdoor garden this summer, begonias are a perfect choice. You might have picked up some supermarket begonias before to add to your garden or front porch container. Still, with more than 1,800 species in this group, you likely have barely begun to scratch the surface of the begonia genus. With so many varieties to choose from and their generally easy care, don’t shy away from experimenting with adding begonias to your outdoor space so you can enjoy their bursts of color all summer long.

The Best-Performing Begonias for Your Summer Garden

The principal appeal of begonias is that many types produce spectacular flowers, even in shady conditions where typically few flowering plants thrive. But that all stands or falls with selecting the right varieties because, for the best-looking garden, you will need the best-performing begonias.

This is something they are very aware of at Koppe Begonia. The family company that was founded in 1910, has specialized itself over the last 30 years in the development of new begonia varieties. Because of their passion for this plant, delivering quality cuttings every week to growers all over the world has become the foundation of the company.

Extensive Outdoor Testing 

Koppe Begonia tests all of their new crossings by putting them through multiple, extensive outdoors tests. This way they can ensure customers go home with the best-performing varieties for outdoor use. All new plant genetics are tested in a lab environment, during which plants are infected with fungus spores on purpose to test their vulnerability. In addition, all new clonal selections are put outside in the month of May in 30 cm containers with three cuttings (hanging baskets of 23 cm will hold one cutting). They apply no plant protection so each plant can be monitored and scored for mildew, botrytis, and burning symptoms all the way up to October.

These Begonias Will Add a Much-Needed Pop of Color

By doing these tests, Koppe builds up knowledge of the genetics of all their begonias so future varieties can be bred that are even more resilient against various weather circumstances, ensuring you get the highest-quality plants for your garden or patio. Let’s discover three begonia series from Koppe Begonia that have passed the test and will bring that much-needed pop of color to our summer gardens.

Begonia Florencio

Florencio is Koppe’s premium outdoor begonia. This variety is a crossing between begonia Tuberflora and Boliviensis. During breeding, Koppe has selected the plants that have large, upward-facing, single flowers because single flowers have the great advantage that they do not hold water and are thus less susceptible to botrytis. Plus, the upward-facing single flowers will bring even more color to your garden.

Begonia Florencio is currently available in 7 colors and keeps expanding. This variety shows vigorous growth and branches easily. Even if your plants have some problems, new growth will overtake old leaves and flowers quickly.

Begonia Belove

Some plants make life so easy! The Begonia Belove series is definitely in this category. No worries about where to put them; a patio or garden container is fine, but if you’d rather enjoy them inside, they are happy to be there as well. It has XL semi-double flowers with a contrasting white or yellow center. Begonia Belove tolerates both rain and sun very well and is available in five striking colors: red, rose, peach, yellow, and cherry.

Begonia Betulia

The Begonia Betulia makes a strong outdoor plant and features lovely single flowers and sturdy leaves. Where other Begonias might get mildew when you keep them outside in the rain, the Begonia Betulia is sure to keep its dark green leaves. The flowers do not hold any water and can therefore even survive rainy Scandinavian climates. Begonia Betulia is a constant bloomer, easy to care for, and makes the perfect patio performer. This begonia is available in red, bright pink, pink, light pink, and white.

How to Enjoy Your Outdoor Begonias for as Long as Possible

In order to enjoy the colorful beauty that begonias add to your garden all summer long, there are several things you can do to improve the performance of your outdoor begonias. It all starts with choosing the right varieties – like the begonia varieties Florencio, Betulia, and Belove.

You can also improve your plants’ performance by making sure they get enough fertilizer. When the leaves of your begonia are slightly yellow, it’s an indication that your plants are not fed enough, making them more susceptible to fungi. Plants will perform best in a place where they do not get direct sunlight at noon and removing old flowers will help generate new growth. And last but not least: avoid overwatering. Begonias will lose their roots when you give them too much water which makes them become more vulnerable to pests and diseases.