André Vreugdenhil has been appointed as managing director of Koppe Begonia on 1 June 2019. This makes him responsible for the daily business within the company. This step offers the company the opportunity to develop further and to guarantee continuity for the future.

André takes over the management duties from Bert Koppe, who will remain involved in the company as a shareholder. This gives Bert the opportunity to reduce a number of activities. Bert will focus fully on breeding activities and will remain involved with the mother stock facility in Portugal for plant quality and cutting production. After all, supplying a quality product is the basis and passion of the Koppe company.

In addition to his general duties, André will continue his current commercial activities in the same way. He is supported in this by a team of experienced employees with a full focus on the Begonia product.

The company Koppe attaches great importance to good long-term relationships with customers and suppliers and hopes to be able to work together for many years through these changes.

Koppe invites interested parties to visit the company during Flower Trials from 11-14 June at Rietwijkeroordweg 40 in Aalsmeer.

Koppe Begonia
Koppe is a family business founded in 1910, which has specialized in the development of new Begonia varieties for the past 30 years.
The passion for Begonia and the drive to deliver quality cuttings every week form the basis of the company.